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Open Letter to a besieged pastor

from Alexander Cornswalled
to pete.degraaf@house.ks.gov
date Wed, May 25, 2011 at 9:10 AM
subject Planning Ahead

Pastor DeGraaf,

I wan to thank you for the Abortions stance you're taking. I know it's
unpopular to prevent abortions, but it's murder to sentence an unborn
child to execution because his father is a rapist. People talk about
the mother's rights, but what of the child? Unborn and innocent of any
crime, their own mothers are sentencing them to death for a crime that
will only get their father 5 to 10 years if caught and sentenced. It's
barbaric to murder an infant because his or her father was a bad man.

Should we execute the sons of Ted Kennedy because their father killed
a woman in a drunken car crash?


Why then is it OK to execute an unborn child because their father
forced himself upon the mother? Put the child up for adoption if you
must, but don't become a murderer to avoid pregnancy.

Liberals will accuse you of using this as a "back door" attack on Roe
v. Wade. I applaud you for it. Roe v wade created a legal loophole
through which millions of children have been brutally murdered. Any
effort to close that loophole is to be congratulated and lionized.

Yours in Christ,

Alexander Cornswalled
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Big bird is not doomed

I've been getting a lot of e-mail about my latest blog entry about the impending demise of PBS and NPR. A lot of people are telling me it's HORRIBLE that Sesame Street may come to an end.

Unfortunately, that bastion of multiculturalism and political correctness is in no danger. Sesame Street's branded merchandise makes more than enough money to fund the program, and several others. Rumors are circulating that an end of federal funding may only dent the PBS budget and force them to turn to Sesame Street for a bit more for funding.
Hillary runs in 2008

Global warming is STILL a joke

The earth’s climate has been significantly affected by the planet’s magnetic field, according to a Danish study published Monday that could challenge the notion that human emissions are responsible for global warming. Our results show a strong correlation between the strength of the earth’s magnetic field and the amount of precipitation in the tropics
Hillary runs in 2008

Still kicking

My primary journal at www.cornswalled.com has been hijacked by a gay rights activist upset at my belief that God's law overrides human desires for sin and fornication.

I'm working on legal options and pursing this through law enforcement.  I can't say much more now, but I expect the little pervert will find himself in prison soon.
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Update on a_cornswalled

Good News!  Livejournal has suspended the account of a_cornswalled, the user created for the exclusive purpose of impersonating me.

The account had contained a mock interview, which depicted me of being a defeatist Liberal who wanted to abandon Israel to be ravaged by Islamic Militants, so it not only impersonated me, but tried to slander me by claiming I had views which I do not have.

The account has been suspended, and I applaud LiveJournal for taking the appropriate action.

Some people will think I'm being a "Poor sport" or can't see the "Humor" in the suspended journal. I recommend those critics search online for the parody sites that have been set up to mock me.  They exist, and far from trying to get them shut down, I even post to them.

Why am I OK with those sites mocking me but not with a_cornswalled?

Those other sites identify themselves as being parodies. A sensible person would not read those journals and think I was the one writing the content. If a_cornswalled had contained appropriate disclaimers instead of trying it's best to actually pretend to be me, I would have had no problems with it.

It also helps that most the "parody" sites about me are actually well written and clever.  a_cornswalled appeared to have done little more than take a vile interview and replace some defeatist liberal's name with my own.
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Should New York REALLY rename the George Washington Bridge?

The George Washington Bridge, usually referred to as the GWB, connects New York City, located on Manhattan Island, to the rest of the continental United States. Despite the "B" in GWB referring to the word "Bridge" a large percentage of New Yorkers call it the GWB Bridge.

The letters "GWB" also refer to the current president George W. Bush.

These two facts have collided and caused many people to think that the "GWB" acronym refers to the current president. At first, it was mostly out of town visitors who made the mistake, but now that "W" is in his second term, many New Yorkers have grown up thinking the GWB Bridge is actually the George W Bush Bridge.

Tourist guides have been printed using the "New" name. None of these have, to date, been produced by the state or city of New York, but many four and five star Hotels are using this "New" name. Most signs referring to the bridge use the letters GWB as opposed to the full name, so maps and guides calling it the George W Bush Bridge rarely, if ever cause confusion.

There's even a grassroots movement in New York City and State to officially rename the bridge, or at the very least replace all signs that contains the name "George Washington Bridge" with ones saying "GWB."

Why rename the bridge? Why even make the "Official" name ambiguous enough to let people use wither name? Isn't that disrespectful to George Washington?

The argument has been made that because common usage is already changing the name, making it official would clarify things, simplify and streamline a process that is already taking place.

Removing Washington's name from the bridge would mean there was one less monument to his legacy, but with a state, numerous monuments and even the nation's capital named after him, one solitary bridge would hardly impact his legacy. Besides, isn't the nation itself a testament and monument to George Washington?

George W Bush was president duing the single worst day in New York' City's history, and has been the wartime President dedicated to avenging New York, and ensuring such an attack never again happens on US Soil. Doesn't his contribution to New York merit some recognition?

On the topic of what recognition Gorge W Bush deserves, it's clear that many New Yorkers, particularly the younger generation, are ALREADY giving him that recognition by referring to the bridge with his name.

People prefer a living legend to a dead one, and naming the Bridge after a vibrant, living leader, one whom today's youth remember, will encourage more patriotism and national pride than leaving it named after a man long dead.

Finally, there's the fact that the New York City Roads department seems to tacitly agree. Road signs are being replaced all the time, and New Yorkers have noticed that a LOT of sings that once read "George Washington Bridge" are being replaced with "GWB." Is this practice no more than the cost saving measure that the Road department claims, or is it a subtle not to the desire of many New Yorkers to rename the bridge after George W Bush?

I encourage all New Yorkers to write their city and state government about this matter, and voice support for the renaming of the GWB.

George W Bush has been the defender of New York, and has been the first President since his father to take action against Terrorism. All Presidents get a library, but George W Bush deserves to be recognized by the city and state of New York.
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I'm being impersonated

The journal a_cornswalled is pretending to be my journal.

If the journal a_cornswalled identified itself as parody or satire I'd be fine with it, but a_cornswalled is impersonating me, and I find that unacceptable.

He's even gone so far as to use one of my user icons to complete the facade.
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More about Homosexuals

A lot of people have been posting to my Blog about my stance on Homosexuality. They parrot the MSM line that it's "Not a choice" while trying to claim that the existence of Identical Twins where one twin is gay and the other straight somehow proves that Homosexuality isn't a choice.

Allow me to present a research paper that gives some actual figures, actual numbers and research into the sources of Homosexuality.

What Causes Homosexual Desire and Can It Be Changed?

There exist several Christian, Jewish and Muslim programs to help Homosexuals recover. Such programs would not exist and would have no attendees if there were no people who wanted to reclaim a normal sexuality. Setting that aside:

85% of these "lesbians" and 54% of these "homosexuals" reported sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex in adulthood,

67% of lesbians and 54% of homosexuals reported current sexual attraction to the opposite sex, and

82% of lesbians and 66% of homosexuals reported having been in love with a member of the opposite sex. (Source)

The vast majority of "Homosexuals" are only gay for a period of time. Take a good look at the next gay right rally. You'll notice that most of the people there are under 35. Despite the propaganda spewed by the Mainstream Media, this is not because they're all dying of AIDS. Research shows that most of them revert to a Heterosexual lifestyle later in life.

Homosexuality is largely a deviant behavior engaged in by young, rebellious youth, many of whom had absent or abusive parents. Despite the views of the few, yet highly vocal, Liberal Christians, Homosexuality thankfully remains a marginalized behavior.
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Distorted View and Pedophilia

It has been brought to my attention that a written text describing sexual acts between children does not, shockingly enough, meet the legal definition of Child Pornography.

Despite the fact that Computer Generated Imagery DOES meet the legal definition of Child Pornography, a written text, or a recording of a voice reading that text, does not.

It would be an understatement to say that I'm shocked by this legal loophole, and I plan to write my congressman on this matter.

As a result of this legal loophole, I will be cease referring to "Tim Henson" as a Pedophile and cease using the term in reference to his Podcast, "Distorted View."

I have not removed or edited the old entries where I used the term, because doing so would be construed by many as an attempt to "Whitewash" the past.

I did not use the term hostilely, or with any attempt to defame "Tim Henson" but did so in what I believed at the time to be an accurate manner.

I would like to reiterate that I believe that Tim Henson's program meets a MORAL definition of Pedophilia and that it SHOULD be illegal to read such stories, but that is a fight I will not pursue at this time.

This does NOT however mean I will back down from efforts to get "Distorted View" shut down. It's still filled with morally apprehensible content that should NOT be available to minors, and I intend to continue fighting the program.
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Was a student Suspended over Distorted View?

There's a thread on my old Blog about my efforts to get Distorted View shut down. One post is particularly disturbing.

"i agree!
2007-04-02 01:55 pm UTC (link)
i agree that ur a fucking piece of shit!
u think a little entertainment like distorted view daily is destroying america mean while u discriminate against every one possible in your blog the only reason anyone has ever reasponded to your blog is to make fun of u, u really have no purpose of living. im 14 and i support dv constantly i ve beenb suspended from school for putting up distorted view daily flyers all over my school every time a teacher took one down i put a new one up, i hope u fucking burn in hell."

Let's look at this more closely.

First, it's an Anonymous post.  The poster wished to remain unknown or just didn't have a Livejournal login.  I won't read anything into that.

"i agree that ur a fucking piece of shit!"

We can already see the kid can't write or spell properly.  Is he lazy or just plain stupid? Then of course we get the stunning debate tactics of name calling and profanity. We're dealing with a real brain here folks.

"u think a little entertainment like distorted view daily is
destroying america"

Distorted View is not destroying America on it's own, but is part of a larger social problem with permissive attitudes and the erosion of our nation's moral base.

"mean while u discriminate against every one possible
in your blog the only reason anyone has ever reasponded(sic) to your blog is
to make fun of u, u really have no purpose of living."

That's a run-on sentence child. Learn to express yourself better. It's clear the kid hasn't read my blog very much because I do have a lot of supporting comments in other threads. As for the discrimination. yes, I discriminate against pornographers and pedophiles. I'm sorry this child look sup to such people as role models.

"im 14 and i
support dv constantly"

So, you're one of the "Underage Listeners" Distorted view's web site warns away, but the corrupting host of the show welcomes with open arms, making crass comments about molesting you. What has this program done to your young, impressionable mind?

"i ve beenb suspended from school for putting up
distorted view daily flyers all over my school"

Ah, there it is.  The kid desperately needs his education, and promoting Distorted View has taken precedence over his schooling.

"every time a teacher
took one down i put a new one up,"

"An he fails to learn form his mistakes. He's mislead, uneducated and apparently fairly stupid.

"i hope u fucking burn in hell."

Hope all you want. I'm the one whose saved and washed clean in the blood of the lamb.

Does anyone still doubt that Distorted View is corrupting our youth?